Photos of Raja Ampat beaches and land excursions to the islands

December 2012 

Although the cruise to West Papua was mainly dedicated to snorkeling, we didn't miss the opportunity to visit remote deserted beaches on uninhabited islands. Such places have spectacular landscape and fine white sand beaches, not seeing the presence of a human for many consecutive weeks.

Beach in Indonesia Indonesia beach
Raja Ampat beach
Pictures of Raja Ampat. A cruise to Raja Ampat allows to get to completely deserted beaches, visited by only by a handful of tourists every year, as they are too far away to be reached by day trips from the few resorts in the region.
Raja Ampat Beach in Raja Ampat
West Papua Beach in West Papua
Irian Jaya Beach in Irian Jaya
Limestone rock
Remote deserted islands of Raja Ampat, are usually reached through a short cruise by dinghy or even by swimming, making a small detour from the snorkeling site. The landscape is often dominated by large limestone boulders of coralline origin, eroded at the base of the action of sea water.
Fossilized coral
The islands themselves are actually made up of limestone of coralline origin, first born under the sea and then emerged to form real islands, thanks to the thrust generated by tectonics and also because of the natural variation in sea level between different geological eras.
West Papua Indonesia Sea in Indonesia
Other photos of West Papua showing the landscape of Raja Ampat.
A deserted beach on an uninhabited island of Raja Ampat.
Other beaches of Raja Ampat which can be visited swimming along a short detour from snorkeling sites.

Excursion in Raja Ampat during sunset, on a remote island in the middle of nowhere.
A sunset in Raja Ampat.
Sea in West Papua
Deserted islands Indonesia
Lagoons and beaches in Raja Ampat, along the archipelago of Wayag.
Snorkeling in Raja Ampat
Snorkeling in a lagoon, hundreds of miles away from any city.
The beaches of Raja Ampat are often populated by mangroves, a tree that has evolved very specific survival techniques to populate the saline environment created by the sea.
Low tide
More photos of Raja Ampat and deserted beaches, made ​​of sand as fine as talcum powder.
Limestone islands
Raja Ampat

Photos of Wayag in Raja Ampat. Limestone rocks with the base eroded by the action of the sea.
Beaufitul beach
Deserted island

More magnificent beaches on a deserted island, reached by dinghy from our yacht.
Unhabitated island
Tropical beach

A small island in West Papua, still within Raja Ampat archipelago, where the vegetation is characterized by tall conifers, as well as by "traditional" palm trees.
Small island
The tiny Batanta island, just a few hours by boat from Sorong, the "capital" of West Papua and Raja Ampat.

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