Day trip from Jakarta to Bogor botanical gardens and Taman Safari Park

December 2012 

Another idea to spend a free day around Jakarta is a day tour to Bogor, the city known for hosting one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. Within a relatively short distance, you can find also Taman Safari Park, a large safari park that is home to many animals coming from different places of the world.

Bogor Bogor Indonesia
Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor is located about 60 kilometers from Jakarta and hosts one of the world's largest botanical garden, called in Indonesian "Kebun Raya Bogor". Here you can find hundreds of different plant species, coming from all parts of the world.

Botanical Garden in Bogor

Bamboo bushes along the paths that run through the botanical garden of Bogor.
Eliconia spp
Dieffenbachia spp

In Bogor botanical garden, there are many plants that are normally grown in our apartments for ornamental purposes. In the photos, a false bird-of-paradise (Heliconia pendula, pictured left) and a hedge of Dieffenbachia (known as "dumb cane", pictured above).
Sausage tree
A sausage tree.
Giant waterlily Victoria amazonica
Waterlily Water Lily flower
Some pools in the botanical gardens of Bogor, hosting giant water lilies (Victoria amazonica, pictured above) and common water lilies (Nymphaea alba, pictured below).
Orchids Orchid
In the botanical gardens of Bogor there are some greenhouses where many species of orchids are grown.
Orchids greenhouse Pink orchid flowers
Agricolture in Indonesia Papaya trees
After the tour of Bogor botanical garden, the journey continues to Taman Safari park, crossing the Indonesian countryside by car.
Taman Safari Elephants
Taman Safari Indonesia Elephant
The tour of Taman Safari Park starts crossing an area that houses some elephants...
...before meeting several rhinos.
Hyppo Dromedary camel
Taman Safari Park Giant horns
Bears Giraffe
Taman Safari Park photos. Some of the wildlife found in the park.
Some zebras are close to the window of the car to reclaim carrots and bananas.
Lion at safari park Lions
Tiger Tiger at safari park

Tour to Taman Safari Park Indonesia. The area of felines hosting several lions, cheetahs and tigers.
There are also some fearsome crocodiles.

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