Jakarta day trip including Indonesia Miniature Park

December 2012 

Because of the long trip between Jakarta and Raja Ampat, as well as the limited flight schedule, it is advisable to arrive in Jakarta at least one day before the start of the cruise. The free day can be spent with a pleasant day tour of Jakarta city and to the beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, where you will find many interesting museums.

Jakarta Jakarta traffic
The Jakarta day tour starts in the crazy traffic, typical of many capitals in Asia, where even the highways with five lanes in each direction, are often not sufficient to ensure a smooth flow of the millions of vehicles. About seven millions of people living outside Jakarta, drive to the city each day to reach studying or working place.
Indonesia Museum Indonesia Museum inside Miniature Park
Balinese style

The first stop of the city tour in Jakarta is at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park". This enormous park has several theme museums, many of which are dedicated to the history and culture of the different ethnic groups in Indonesia. In the photos, the entrance and the facade in Balinese style of the Indonesia Museum.
Image of Indonesia Citra Indonesia
Inside the Indonesia Museum there is the famous Citra Indonesia ("Image of Indonesia") a large map that depicts artistically the entire country.
Indonesia traditional dressing Indonesian dress
On the first floor of the Indonesia Museum there is a rich collection of traditional clothes organized by region and ethnicity.
Miniature Park Indonesia Fishing tools
Hunting tools

On the second floor there is a collection of miniatures representing different types of typical houses found throughout Indonesia and various tools used to fish and to hunt.
Seventh month ceremony First steps ceremony
There are also representations of various ceremonies, for example, in the picture on the left, the celebration of the seventh month of pregnancy. In the picture on the right, the party that takes place when a baby takes its first steps.
Batik museum Batik arts
A large section of the Indonesia Museum is dedicated to batik art.
Balinese statue
Picture of a statue in Balinese style.
Shadow play Shadow theatre
Indonesian orchestra

The Indonesia Museum hosts also a reproduction of the Shadow Play or Shadow Theatre, which works through a backlit screen on which are projected only the shadows of the characters behind the screen itself.
Typical indonesian house
The tour at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park" in Jakarta, continues with a visit to the areas where various types of traditional houses from different regions in Indonesia are reconstructed in real dimensions.
Houses in Sumatra
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)
A reconstruction of the buildings and the cemetery (top-right picture) of Toraja. The indigenous ethnicity of Toraja lives in a region of Sulawesi and has a very strong cult of the dead, which, at the funeral ceremony, requires the slaughter of dozens of buffalos or hundreds of pigs, which would accompany the soul to heaven.
Toraya houses
Toraya cemetery
Jakarta National Monument
The tour in Jakarta continues with a visit to Jakarta National Monument (MONAS), symbol of Indonesian independency.
Modern Jakarta
Mosque in Jakarta
Batik shop Batik shop in Jakarta
The day ends with a visit to a store where batik clothes are displayed and available for purchase.

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